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yeah its mine, its fast , and its pretty, lol. here are the specs.
- ACT 4 puck clutch kit
- hotshot header
- 50-75 shot of nitrous
- intake
- full 2.25" exhaust
- solid es motor mounts
- primera 150 hp motor with only 25,000 miles it. put it in 500 miles ago.
- dropped on 15" panther rims, lightweight for racing.
- JWT ECU - if i dont sell it seperatly.
- new paint
- added a nice little wing that brings out the car w/o being ricey.
- cd player
- all speakers are aftermarket.

the car has power everything, it is 5 speed, and has t-tops.

i spent a lot of time and money on this car and i think its time to move on. im just like that. its really a beauty that has some serious balls. it is very very fast. it is a 14 second car and does 13's with the nitrous. im asking 6,000 for it. post here or email me at: [email protected]
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