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Well guys, I am sorry to have to do this but I am selling my 96 SE-R, pretty much every option, and its 5 spd for those who actuially like to drive out there. Rims are in perfect shape and they have 4 brand new perfomance tires($500) Anyways, I am selling it because I must, if anybody is interested, please e-mail me. [email protected] and oh yeah, I almost forgot, comes with 2 year warrenty!


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Marc wants to play 20 questions.

Ryan Walsh, 1997 200sx SE-R w/ ES mounts, JWT s4's, AEBS 4-1, PR CAI, Sportlines/AGX's, Bridgestone re730's, Matrix FSTB, Stillen GTR grill
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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