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Sentra Bumper Lip

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Hi bro's i am a proud owner of a nissan Sentra 2000, but it does'nt have a SR20 but I will try to put a SR20 inside, oo but that's not the point that i want to take :tongue: , I just saw a Sentra on the web, i dont remember if a saw it here or in another web place, but i need your help to get the Bumper lip that own's this B14 Sentra, it looks very nice and i would like to have one, if you know where i can to get it please tell me

Here you have some pic's of my sentra, it needs a paint job and a gunmetal or bronze wheels :eek2: :rolleyes: , and a SE-L bodykit :rofl:
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a nissan sentra 2000 is a b14 sentra.. like the ones in mexico.. sentra 2000, sentra gsr, and so on
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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