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Just returned from Chicago in my wifes P5. I sware to god I have the worst luck with cars. I slapped her summer tires on right before the trip---actually we had them on for 100 miles before. Anyway....I remembered when I mounted them that I had forgot to have the car aligned before winter :eek: I say that because when I took the summer tires off in the fall, the insides of the front tires were chewed up---i.e., they weren't smooth---almost grooved in a stair step fashion. I was going to have the alignment done, but didn't. Nice move, Curt ;)'s my stupidity. I threw the front two that were chewed up on the rear and the better of the two to the front and headed for Chicago. We hit the highway and I set the cruise at 75mph. I hear this waaawaaawaaaawaaawaaaa sound coming from the rear and the car is vibrating in the floor, seats, etc., but NOT the steering wheel. That normally tells me the front tires are not causing the problem. At this point, I'm pissed. Not only do I have a problem, but I am now shredding the two good tires that are up front!!! Crap. Drive to Chicago and by the time I get there, it smoothed out a bit---but still not perfect.

I checked again and the rears are definately (formally on the front) chewed up on the insides. I got home about an hour ago and now the fronts (formally on the rear) are also chewed a BIT, but not as bad as the ones in the rear (formally on the front).

Question: If I have them set the alignment, will the waaaawaaaawaaaa sound go away, as well as the vibration? Or, am I faced with buying 4 new tires? Man, if that's the case, I am going to be pissed at myself. Either way, the alignment will be done tomorrow night at Tire Kingdom.


Curt B. Shumaker
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