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well i searched to see if i could find specific instructions on how to install this little bushing, i couldnt find any pinpoint instructions just a little here and there so i decided to go down there and do it with the information i had and came out thinking damnit if i knew that it wouldve taken me like 15 min...

ok first jack up the car... and use jackstands, NEVER JACK UP A CAR AND LEAVE IT WITH JUST THE JACK

1. Get under the car and follow the shifter linkage to where about the flex pipe is at, there is two links, you will want to look at the one on the passenger side. Look where that ends, there should be a bracket with 2 12MM nuts on the top(its adjacent to the motor mount)

2. Take those both off, they are 12MM, now the linkage should feel a little loose but it wont fall down, what you need to do is look on the passenger side of the motor mount and unscrew the bolt, its a 14MM just untill that linkage falls, i was wondering why it didnt fall and i was getting pissed off, then i looked around and i saw that the motor mount bolt was blocking it by like half an inch

3. after the linkage falls you will see the bracket attached to linkage and the old bushing in there, on the passenger side of the end of the linkage youll see a nut, its 14MM, take that off and the washer and save them...

4. Pry out the old bushing and the metal sleeve, put the new energy suspension one in there with the sleeve and put the washer back on and tighten the 14MM nut

5. push up the linkage with the bracket in to its original place, tighten up the motor mount bolt which is 14MM so it blocks the linkage from falling and then tighten up the 2 12MM bolts on top and your DONE

i would have pics but i didnt take any through installing it and i dont feel like going back under there if anyone wants to add to this feel free to post and criticize my work lol, also if anyone has questions...... holla back.... hah

tools needed
Ratchet with 14MM for the motor mount
Open End wrench 12MM for the two nuts on top of the bracket
and Ratchet for the Bushing nut though i used the open end wrench for that

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Also remember to add a little grease to the bushings , that prevents them from wearing out and being noisy ....
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