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Shims For rocker arms??? 152,000 mile motor

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I'm getting ready to install JW s4 cams into my 96 g20 It has 152,000 naturally I'm putting new rocker and lash adjusters in just for safty reasons. But I'm wondering if I use my old shims if they are still good or just replace those too since I'm doing everything else around them. And if I am supposed to replace Dose anyone know what size for these cam cause there is about 20 diff. sizes to use but i have torn my engine appart to do the measurements and would like to have all of the parts right here to rebuild when I tear it apart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Don't worry about changing them. They are not really a wear item. If you do change them, you will have to measure each one. They could all be the same size, or all competely diffferent.
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