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OK,guys this is the question !! Im am thinking of doing the suspenshion on my clasic se-r it's a 91 the setup i was thinking of is

1>kyb agx's shocks
2>ground control coilover springs ajustable
3>GC upper strut mounts
4>may be a new rear sway bar

any info would be good thanks !

I just installed my AGX/Eibach and ST sway bars on my 93 classic and now I'm taking corners with speeds I never dared before. I think this is the best mod I've done so far to my car. AGX adjustables are real bang for the buck, I'm very happy with everything (so far).

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by blitz4x:
what is the motovational setup ??? never herd of it do they have a web page?</font>
try incase you didnt already know, lowering springs often have you slamming the bumbstops so if your are to lower the car you have a few options....

A custom coilover setup... truechoice , GC

Only AGX's.. i have AGX's and i can tell you they are quite good... but i wish i could get more body roll in check.

AGX's and H&R or Eibach springs... the common choice is prokits but i lean towards H&R because i feel they are stiffer.. and i would recommend trimming the bumpstops, swaybars to keep body roll from eating up precious travel, and use a high setting on the AGXs.

The motivational setup is shortened struts that give you more travel... i here they work great but i can tell you they are quite pricey...

Wanna go fast ... How much money ya got?

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