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Hey guys...I have a good friend, the guy that got me interestered in se-r's 5 years ago in high school that wants to sell his t-28 powered classic. He's had it forever, and finally wants to get a newer car, like a suby forrester 2.5XT. Its an E model origionally, so it has 4-doors! Heres everything I can remember about it:

45k bluebird motor
newly rebuilt t28
custom fuel rail
50lb injectors
jwt 4bar ecu
custom fmic
ported gti-r manifold
cobra maf
300zx fuel pump
gti-r radiator
slim line radiator fans
profec-b boost controler
P11 locking tranny hes installing now
SPARE b13 tranny cryoed, shot-peened, and case welded
fidenza 8.8lb flywheel
act hdss clutch
10hrs dyno tuning
nx2000 brakes /w nx master cylinder
nx seat brackets
d2 coilovers ready for install
es bushings everywhere
prothane inserts and solid dogbone mount
progress front sway bar
3" downtube
3" custom mandrel side draft exhaust
17" Rota circut 10 gunmetal/w polished lip
Sunny front bumper
stillen sideskirts
tsuru front and rear conversion

Theres a lot more he's done, but I just cant remember it all. He said he met a guy earlier today that offered $7K for it, but the guy didnt know anything about the car. He told me he'd rather keep it close to make sure nobody F#[email protected]'s up his baby that hes poured everything into for the past 5yrs. So, he told me he wants me to buy it for $5800! :eek2: I wanted to get a take on what you guys think, since ide have to sell my daily driver, plus take a $3000 loan out in order to get this thing. But its everything I wanted to do to my 92 se-r, which would cost a hell of a lot more time and money to get to the same point. I guess I could put his spare b13 tranny in my se-r and use that to get back and forth to work, but its a huge decision for a guy who makes $2500 a month. Give me some feedback!!!


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$2500 a month?? WTF? Do you have kids or somthing or alot of bills to pay? Child support? A crack habbit?

With $2500 a mont I would have moved out into a Shack with a 5 car garage, My NX would be Turbo, And I would have an Audi TT, AND a TT Z.

Get him to drop it down to $4500 then if everything is as you say it is and he built it up from the ground. Then get it. Unless the chassis has like 400K miles on it.

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$2500/mo before tax!
$1600-$2000/mo after depending on commisions

Monthly Expenses
Insurance for two cars = $168
Rent = $580
Bills = $200
Groceries = $200
Gas = $200 (45mi each way to and from work!)

That leaves 400-800 expendible a month for a possible car loan, lunches, beer, car parts, computer parts, band gear, whatever. I've got my hands into so many things I need the same amount of money for its crazy. Wish I was still makin $50+ at hp...thats when I had my last fun car. *sob* I miss my crazy supercoupe!
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