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Im new to the turbo world. So take it alittle easy on me, and yes i rode in a boosted hatch tonite which inspired me. ;) Yea to bad it was a hatch that inspired I dont wonna be a boost freak, just a nice basic setup. What do you guys think of this.

Should i go ahead and get it?? Or try atleast. Do you guys have some better ideas? Im only looking for 8lbs of daily driven boost. My car has 144k on it, gonna take it alittle easy on it. Plz just give me some good advice, like i said, im not turbo freak :tongue:

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chirpin4th said:
That's a damn good opinion. "Pre-owned" and from Andreas. He clearly states that the kit does not come with a few items, but those are easily sourced. Plus, you could talk to Mr. Miko about any problems you are having if you buy the stuff from him. Don't underestimate that service after the sale thing....Andreas will take good care of you.

Here's a brand new option for you:

Good luck. :biggthump
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