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Discussion Starter · #1 · it is a server started by a friend, he is looking for advertisers, it is his own server, it is fast as hell, and with plenty of space and bandwith. He is the best electronics person I know, he tells on there how to customize PS2s for the car, how to make custom Air Fuel Ratio Guages, etc, check out his Civic, it is really nice, and he did all the work on it himself. Thanks,
P.S- e-mail him if you want to move your page to his server or if you want to start one, etc...later

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Best 1/4 mile: 15.675 s @ 89.44 MPH just turbo no engine mods 4/29/2000.

- Was it worth all the trouble?
- Or was it just to see if it could be done?


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