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HotshtSR20 said:
on the street? uh, there are NO DOT legal slicks that will fit your car.

DO NOT RUN slicks on the street. you will crash. they arent meant to take ANY kind of puncture. they are bias ply tires, which is SCARY for handling, braking and anything other than drag strip driving.

plus, you'll ruin them pretty fast trying to turn on them, they wont last but a couple hundred miles.

if you want good street traction with a DOT legal tire (read: wont make you crash) get some BFG G force drag radials probably the 205-50-14s.

street racing is bad, btw.

I ran ET Drags on my Camaro on the street. Although I do agree it's not a good idea, they last pretty long, you'd be surprised. Just don't plan on doing any high speed cornering, take it easy.

I recommend Mickey Thompson ET Drags. These are DOT approved, but you will need a 15" rim for them.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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