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Some info off about these shifters to tell you more.

This shifter is unique in the fact that its motion ratio can be adjusted by
moving its pivot ball up and down. You can pick any ratio from slightly less
throw than stock, to a Hewland-race-box-like super-short throw. We picked
about 2/3 of minimum throw for reasonably short, crisp shift action. The SMC
shifter's pivot ball is made of self-lubricating delrin, giving it a smooth
OEM-like action. With the SMC shifter, the shifting now feels more direct,
like a RWD internal linkage box instead of your typical rubbery FWD
transaxle feel. The shifter rod is slightly shorter than stock, about 2/3 of
an inch, and is chrome plated.

RETAILS: $190.95


They'll all be the same prices which are

1-8 $130.95 Shipped in the US.
8+ $102.00 Ea. Shipped in the US.

Most Sentras / 200sx from '89-'00 (Yes the 2000 Model)
Maximas from '89-'99
Altimas from '93-'97

If interested please email me at [email protected] with your model, year, name, and email address so we can add you to the list of the group deal. I will keep everyone posted on how many we get twice a week and when the deal will end.

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I put this mod into my stock NX two weeks ago and I LOVE IT!!!

I put the ball at the top for the shortest throws possible and its SWEET! I'm now shifting gears when I don't need to just to feel th action.

If you want to see how short you can get the throws, I put a video on line of the shifter in action at

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Thanks - got it.

In the interest of clarity, it'd be really nice if you made another vid horizontal, from the passenger side, resting camera on seat. Then you could show just how short the throws really are, and avoid any jerking in the shot. Just a little 20/20 hindsight, I suppose.....thanks again for the post.

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sure, just make it out to me! my realname is CASH. ;D

this is my first group deal, too. too bad we can't do it today!

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Just a little word of advice to group deal first-timers: there is a long history of group deals taking a LONG time between the end date of when you can order and when the good arrive, whether it's shifters or CAIs or whatnot. Don't get too excited about getting these anytime soon. My shifter took like two months after I sent in the check in January to get it, and I STILL have yet to receive the shift boot that was on backorder that we were promised... you may get a better price, but at the expense of timely delivery...
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