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Smoking on idle and after over run?

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Bit of a problem with the gtir, was setting engine up for 23psi and had been having some misfire problems with changing from 4th to 5th gear under hard acceleration and was trying to sort it out when it started smoking :( it smokes a bit at idle but worst on accelerating after slowing down or idling for a while,
Its a white/blue smoke.
Thought the turbo had let go but it seems fine with no oil in the cooler piping etc
Found No1 cylinder is fouled with oil the others are ok, suspected blown piston did a compression check and all cylinders were equal :confused: and engine is fitted with hks forged pistons already, engine generally runs fine with only a slight miss caused by plug being fouled up with oil. its also not breathing any heavier than normal either.
Can't see it being a blown headgasket as its not using any water or pressurising the system and the oil ways are to far away from the cylinders to get oil in there from them I would have thought :confused:
I'm thinking a possible valve guide or seal is damaged etc though there seems to be to much oil for that? so just wondering if anybody has had something similar happen to them and what was the problem?
Cheers Paul
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