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Installed the JWT 50shot last night.. Goddamn.. it's pretty freaking great! I was scared the old motor wouldn't take it.. but it did! so 152.3 hp plus 50 shot = no traction in first and part of second

I should have some timeslips this time next week.

Luis Molina
93 Classic 239k mid 13s here we come..

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Welcome to the High Mileage Nitrous SR20 Club. You're the king, now, with 238,000 miles on the clock. Makes my 149,000 seem almost childish.

FWIW; My car hasn't shown any problems at all with nitrous in a year and a half, and 100+ dragstrip launches/passes. We slowly ramped up from 50-shot to the current 78hp shot, and plan on going 100-shot soon.

Then again, the rods could come out of her tomorrow, for all I know

"'s pretty freaking great!"

Yep, that's an accurate assessment. Welcome to Nitrous Land, Luis.

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Welcome we are definatly going to have to meet up again at the how about the bottle eh...

Alfie (just got his NX purge kit tooodayy)

92'XE/w-Primera swap
sleepr w/N20
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