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So I'm in Mexico....

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I'm on my annual trip to Puerto Vallarta, and this year I noticed some thing...
X-Trails and Almeras, any mexican members around that can tell me what motor comes in these in the mexican market? I'm really curious! Oh and that brand new Tsuru 2000gsr at the dealership, hot!

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I wish they would give us these cars! :(
Mike sr20de said:
I wish they would give us these cars! :(
X-Trails will be available in Canada soon as well:
I do think the X-Trails come with the SR20VE if im not mistaken......oh how i wish they would land here....would it be possible to buy a VE engine from Mexico from an X-Trail that has been wrecked???
Those Mexican X-trails have the QR25DE.
The Mexican X-trails are QR25 powered I believe, even seen a few on this side of the border. I've also seen many Tsuru's and even a few Almera's driving around Arizona too. Saw a white almera just a few days ago :)
hooray for the qr25de. looks like the canadian x-trail will get it too. interesting suv-things those. i like.
Hurrah for the QR25DE? Yuck dude!

J/K! :) Well, a little ;).
much sarcasm when i wrote that. i hate the qr25de. nissan really needs a new 4 cylinder. i think they could also use some choice with the v6s.
how much do the x-trails cost?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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