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Nismo91 (11:50:39 PM): Sup Chris
SER man91 (11:50:48 PM): hey steve what's up
Nismo91 (11:51:01 PM): not much just tired....
Nismo91 (11:51:12 PM): how's everything at your side?
SER man91 (11:51:14 PM): i am SO mad right now
Nismo91 (11:51:18 PM): ??? why
SER man91 (11:51:30 PM): i haven't been boosting for almost 3 weeks now because my wastegate actuator went bad
Nismo91 (11:51:30 PM): Don't worry! Be happy!!!
Nismo91 (11:51:31 PM): :)
Nismo91 (11:51:45 PM): What!!!
SER man91 (11:51:47 PM): so, i bought one off of someone on the forum, he tells me it came off a t25
SER man91 (11:51:50 PM): so, all is well and good
SER man91 (11:52:14 PM): i get it...i'm not sure what planet this t25 came from, but i talk to the guy and he's like: oh, you can make it fit, just gotta be creative
SER man91 (11:52:16 PM): WTF!?
SER man91 (11:52:25 PM): so, i say screw it, i'll eat the 30 bucks and buy a new one
Nismo91 (11:52:29 PM): WTF! is right...
SER man91 (11:52:46 PM): so, i do for it on a wednesday...from a race shop in virginia. should be 2 day delivery to nj right?
Nismo91 (11:52:53 PM): if it came from a T25 you should NOT have to be creative with it...
SER man91 (11:52:59 PM): they give me the tracking number the next says it will be here monday
SER man91 (11:53:04 PM): its coming from ARIZONA!
SER man91 (11:53:11 PM): fine, i'm patient.........let's wait
SER man91 (11:53:16 PM): i watch the tracking number...
Nismo91 (11:53:17 PM): Today is Monday
SER man91 (11:53:19 PM):
SER man91 (11:53:21 PM): i see this today
SER man91 (11:53:28 PM): ooh! its home, great! finally, i will boost.
SER man91 (11:53:50 PM): i get home....nothing!
Nismo91 (11:53:51 PM): yep should be waiting at the door
Nismo91 (11:54:00 PM): nothing?
SER man91 (11:54:05 PM): i check every door, 3 times
SER man91 (11:54:07 PM): nothing
Nismo91 (11:54:10 PM): your neighbor took it?
SER man91 (11:54:12 PM): i go to every other number 5 on the block, around the block, in the block....
SER man91 (11:54:18 PM): nothing
Nismo91 (11:54:23 PM): damn!...
SER man91 (11:54:42 PM): i call up UPS and they give me some crap about how they are gonna put a "tracer" on the package....unless it has a homing device, i don't know what the hell that's gonna do
Nismo91 (11:55:30 PM): I think what they mean by Trace is basically what you sent me. They will tell you that it was delivered at 5:01pm
Nismo91 (11:55:44 PM): that's basically a BS answer
SER man91 (11:56:08 PM): ugh
SER man91 (11:56:21 PM): i havn't been so frustrated in a long time
SER man91 (11:56:28 PM): i just want to feel the boost! 3 weeks is killing me!

/end rant.
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