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so what else is out there for allmotor

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i have i/h/e/p and im fixing to get a fidanza someone mah=ke a list of everything that u could possibly get for a allmotor ser.kinda like

and so on
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Intake, ported header, ported intake manifold, exhaust, pulleys, thermoblock kit, flywheel, cams and gears, JWT ECU or standalone, electric waterpump, A/C and PS removal, bored MAF. There's more.
ignitions, fuel regulators, head work, cams, boreing over and increasing displacement, velocity stacks etc.
high compression pistons
I say spend more time reading at "All Motor" section. Kojima is making mad HP on NA DE.

Choaderboy2 said:
Clark went to work on the ECU and did some tuning for the C6M cams. The result is 200.4 whp @ 7800 rpm. I think this is perhaps the most powerful NA DE around that is well documented. Not bad for a low buck motor.
there is also this tight thing.....

called a search button. it's not even like your question was specific or had a point. it's basically a list. you can find mucho info by searching,, and the forementioned

yeah a search is cool i like the search on goggle it was informative. i guess a few more are
synthetic oil,bored throttle bodie,top engine cleaner,light weight wheels,bigger injectorsnology hotwires,lighter rotors as in drilled and slotted,110 octane are a few things.anymore post em think in the back of your head something that might get u 1/10 horsepower
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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