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when i read about ground controls, or other coil-overs, they mention the ability to cornerweight your car. they say it makes a big difference. what is this, what are the benefits (compared to cars that aren't), and how do you measure the weight?

thanks in advance

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By adjusting the ride height on one corner, you are also adjusting the weight that's distributed on that corner of the car. You want to adjust the ride height/weight so that you get a cross-weight of 50%. It gives the car a bit better balance, so you get a better feel in handling.

Basically, you're trying to get the weight of the left-front and right-rear the same as the right-front and left-rear (LF + RR = XXX, so LR + RF = XXX too).

There's some technical data on corner balancing about halfway down on this page. Mike Piera is also an SE-R owner. :)

You have to get your car weighed using Longacre scales or something along those lines. They are four different scales that you put under each wheel of the car. They are plugged into a display box that gives you a digital readout and shows how close you are to the ideal cross weights.
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