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So who's from central - eastern PA Im in Lititz

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I was hoping to get some sort of a nissan meet together maybe every 3 months or something lemme know if you're in the area.
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I am down in York,pa. I think that is close to lititz. I wouldnt mind a nissan meet every once in awhile, r u giving rides in your gtir se-r? just kiddin.
i'm in altoona,pa it's not too far away i'm up for it
This is the wrong place to post guys. We have a regional section, probably get more hits there.
Hey guys I am here in Montoursville (10 minutes from where they play the LL World Series) i'd be down for a meet when it gets nicer out, finally broke freezing this week!!!

I'm in Bethel(right along 501 maybe 45 minutes north of Lititz)
I'm in York too

I'd love to have a regional meet!!!
I live in Coatesville but spend most of my time in Lancaster so thats right down the road. We had a lil meet last year, ill try to contact the boys and see if they are up for another. If we do it has to be planned out though because im not getting kicked out of anymore parking lots.
I know down here in York, a vw forum group gets together once in awhile at the local walmart parking lot, big lot. I went with a buddy last time and they didnt get kicked out, even after one guy was flying up and down the street with an open wastegate. He got pulled over but they let everyone still stay.
NEPA here.. scranton wilksbarre area
Allentown here. where is Lititz?
bucks county (10 mins from Phila.) i'm down for anything..
Man we got lots of people around here, more than I thought. We should look into setting something up when it gets warmer out.
so whos tryin to have a meet? i'm down for it any time.
I'm actually not in Bucks County, I'm in Northampton County... when I said "me too" I meant I'd be down for a meet....
I'm in Wayne County, up towards Scranton an ****, an once it gets nicer out and things get situated with my car, I'de luv 2 get things rollin.
Guys, there is going to be a bunch of people going to ATCO on sunday March 14. I will be making a new thread soon, so be on the look out.

It should be fun. It will be my first time a a drag strip so don't worry about embarassing yourself, because I will have the area under control! :)
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