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Hello All,
I am regretfully selling my 1991 B13 SE-R. Located in Los Angeles, California, car has been sitting for three years but I got it running yesterday. I was preparing this car for road courses so it has a lot of go fast and handling parts. Car is not registered so a trailer is technically needed to transport. The reason the car sat was that I was having fuel issues and didn't have the time to troubleshoot. Last night I found the issue; broken wire going it injector #1... Good ole Nissan wiring.

Stock U12 Bluebird SR20DET, NO A/C, probably won't pass smog, manual transmission in good shape (rarely pops out of 5th), AGX struts/hyperco springs, Willwood front brakes, JDM front bumper, 134k miles.

I have had this car for 7 years. I think I am the 3rd or 4th owner. I bought it in bad condition and spent the first few years getting it to run reliably. Previous owner somehow swapped the front and rear struts... Let's just say there were a lot of little things that needed to be corrected. I am am mechanical engineer and try my best to build things correctly. I also built a G20 lemons race car so I'm not a stranger to FWD SR20 cars.

The paint of this car is in bad shape. There are some signs of cancer on the rear window corners. Front fenders were replaced as the previous owner did a horrible job of rolling them; new fenders are only primered so they have surface rust. Everything else is in fair shape.

I ran this car at streets of willow and buttonwillow a few times. It handled well and had a ton of torque and power. Oil temps were getting a little hot so I installed a setrab oil cooler and hadn't had a problem since. The AGX struts and hypercoil springs are a great combo for street track duty. I also have an adjustable Progressive front sway with solid endlinks that is ready to go on the car. Front end bushing and ball joints have been replaced. Rear still needs to be done but should be pretty easy.

I installed a innovations wideband O2 gauge along with mechanical boost, oil pressure, oil temp, and water temp.

The car is currently using the stock B13 ECU, which actually is a pretty good tune for the U12 SR20DET. I have a programmable ECU that will go with the car but it uses eprom chips. The O2 sensor isn't connected so it runs the open loop tune. Runs a bit rich but better rich than BOOM! Real HKS blow off valve with recirc piping. Previous owner installed a front mount intercooler kit which kept popping off so I had to add grooves to all the piping and better clamps. Runs well now. Exhaust muffler is unknown but melted the rear bumper. Rear bumper is trashed anyways and needs to be replaced as the paint is peeling and it is sagging.

Most suspension parts are in good shape. Car comes with two sets of wheels. Street wheels are some older, lightweight but strong, fallen. Tires are shot as it has been sitting for a few years. I have a track set of wheels, Kosei's, which are in great condition but the NT01's on them are old and cording.

Car has Willwood front calipers with a set of street pads/discs and track pads/discs. I also have the stock front calipers if you want them. Disc size in the front is stock but brake pedal feel is awesome. Pads are also much cheaper.

Electrical on these cars is hit and miss... This car is no different. I think the previous owner replaced some of the wiring, and some stuff is missing like the cigarette lighter wires. I added a fused distribution block in the driver side foot panel so new wires for that kind of stuff can be ran. I installed a pioneer head unit with 50Wx4 amp and some kicker speakers (one door speaker still has to be installed).

All said and don't this is a quick and great handling SE-R. I seriously think it is faster than my 2017 WRX. It's light, handles well, and has a ton of power for it's weight. Body and paint need lots of TLC. Fixing the O2 sensor would probably help with the midband. Rear bushing should be replaced. Needs new tires for street or track.

I'm looking to get $4000 cash for it with everything and more (I have lots of spare parts. It has a lot of parts and work put into it. Car will sell AS IS with everything. Pink slip in hand. I WILL NOT PART OUT OR SEPERATE.

Photos can be found in the Google photo album here.

1991 B13 Sentra SE-R

You may contact me at 626.569.eightnineninetoo or via this forum.
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