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Ha Ha, 240sx SE-R wow never heard of that!! Almost everytime I hear a Honda owner open their mouth I wanna puke!! (No offense H22) People see all the Honduhs in the mags and they automaticaly think theirs is the @#$% too!!! Pleaze!! Question how many stock hondas can out run a stock SE-R hmmmmm... Prelude ok. S2000 OK Civic Si eheh depends who you ask .. Only the civic is similar price. I think S2000 is sweet. New preludes nice too!!! but I see waaaaaayyyy too many civics to want one. I say drive what you like just dont knock mine or brag how bad yours if you dont want smacked!!!

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a 240 sx-se-r. isn't that like a honda civic GSR with VTEC(H). vtech makes some nice phones but i don't know what happens when you drop a 900mhz phone into a honda engine bay. hmm maybe some of you people should make a mock website.
features the never tried before but powerful 900 mhz vtech swap. 900 mhz translates into about 800 mhz at the wheel! you can call all the honeys within a 300 hundred yard range!

first of all let's consider the price of a sentra ser classic and a civic si. you can get a used sentra se-r for about 2-5 grand depending on condition and mods. a new civic si runs about 20 grand.

if you put even 5 to 8 thousand in mods on a se-r you still could own two of them compared to a civic si.

now if you dropped 15 grand in an se-r only the honda s2000 could even compete with it.

if you want the ricer it might get me some girly looks or want higher resale value stick with the hondas but if you want to kick ass while not ruining your credit drive nissan.

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OH MAH GAWD!!!!! That $hit was just too funny man... I think he needs a rice citation man... shoot... didn't know BMW made a DelVipZ8GS400 Millenium Edition... where can I buy one? I betcha he picks up all the honeys in that thing. LOL!

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