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Pros and cons of Toyota Camry

Luxury design, more and more youthful
Spacious interior, modern amenities, bold business style
Smooth, stable, durable, economical operation
Powerful 2.5L engine version, extremely quiet and economical 2.5L hybrid engine
Advanced safety technology
High liquidity

The selling price is quite high

Safety assessment Toyota Camry 2022
The safety system is also a notable highlight on the Toyota Camry facelift 2022. In addition to the familiar safety features, the model is heavily invested by Toyota to add the Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 safety technology package with a series of features. Modern features such as: pre-collision warning, lane departure warning and lane keeping assist, intelligent automatic throttle ... Besides, Camry also has a cross-traffic warning system, blind spot warning, sensors. Tire pressure…

Which version of Camry should I buy?
Among the versions, the Toyota Camry 2.0G has the cheapest price, the equipment is cut relatively much compared to the 2.0Q version with the same engine. However, in general, 2.0G still meets the needs of comfort. This is quite an economical option, especially suitable for those who are looking to upgrade and approach the D-class sedan. Meanwhile, with more complete equipment, the Toyota Camry 2.0Q not only meets the needs of comfort. but also bring many high-end experiences.

The Toyota Camry 2.5Q differs from the 2.0G version mainly in the operation part. The 2.5L engine with a power of 207 horsepower combined with an 8-speed automatic transmission will certainly bring a more exciting and exciting driving experience. Although the main "color" of the Camry is still relaxed, if you want something a bit sportier and more vibrant, the Camry 2.5Q will be the ideal choice.
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Should you buy a Toyota Camry?
The current D-class sedan segment has many choices. Honda Accord is powerful, Mazda 6 or Kia K5 is fashionable and affordable. If in the past compared to these competitors, Toyota Camry was often criticized as "old", "poorly equipped" ... then now Toyota Camry has completely "makeover" more attractive in all aspects. In terms of the balance of factors from price, design, equipment, operation to cost of use and liquidity... it is difficult for any competitor to surpass the Toyota Camry.
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