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Ok, I just got my '93 SE-R(TB below injectors)-high port I guess?

OK, now I really wanna go turbo. I have been reading up on the F-MAX kit and HS kit.

questions. I only want a stage one. 12psi highest boost I'll go. I know after 10psi I have to upgrade fuel pump and some other things, right?

Ok, now a clutch is mandetory. Will this eat up my tranny. I do not plan on being overly hard on it, just when the time calls.
So will the tranny hold up with the "light" boost levels(around 7-8psi)?????

And what kind of times would I run on on that boost with the F-MAX kit. Does the boost stay strong to redline or does it have that reverse effect where it actually slows you down at a certain rpm???

Last question for now. The F-MAX site says it is in development...but it is out now right? you can order them???

Thanks a lot, shea.

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I think your assumption about 12+psi needing a fuel pump is very close, if not right on.

Jay Hassinger still has the bone stock tranny on 409hp. What has been said is with something like 250hp+ all the time like you will have (not so much the 200hp I have I think/hope) is that the tranny (3rd gear) will break at some point, question is just when. The more HP the more likely it is to break.

The FMAX T3/TO4E, unlike my small T25, should keep the boost and power good all the way to redline.

Yes, people have had FMAX kits on their cars for years. I think that means the website is in development.

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