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Some Wiring help (GTi-R & TEC 3) 56k killer

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I no longer have the stock engine wiring harness there fore the speedo and tach will no longer work unless they are rewired.

Speedo Problem
There are 2 wires coming from the speed sensor. And there are 3 or 4 inputs for the speedo....

Tach problem
There is a brown wire on the TEC3 that is for the Tach signal and again the stock tach has 2 or 3 inputs.

For each of the above i know one must be a ground (the number 23 in the first diagram)

Here are the pinouts and wiring diagram for the cluster.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me? If not i guess my next question would be has anyone ever wired up an Autometer electric speedometer? And do you know what resistance values our fuel level sender uses?
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From the diagram, it looks like your R has an electric speedo. I thought that maybe they shared the same mechanical speedo like the 91-92 SE-R's. I'm not sure on that one.

I do have the resistances for the gas tank though.

Full = 4-6 ohms
1/2 = 28-34 ohms
Empty = 73-85 ohms.

The resistances should be measured between the outside pins of the 3 pin plug.
(1-(*)-3) <----- Basically between 1 and 3

Also, when my tach was not functioning, I tried everything. It ended up being my ECU. From my understanding: the tach signal travels from the coil, to the ECU, and then to the cluster. So, the signal from the ECU to the cluster is NOT the same high voltage signal that comes from the tach.

Anyways, on your car PIN 16 is the signal, and PIN 17 is the ground wire. The tach signal "should" be PIN 2 on the ECU. The wire labeled L/B.
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so it looks like a GM fuel level gauge from autometer will suffice if it comes to that. Thanks
If you follow the wiring from the Speed sensor, the two wires go to the terminals #19 and #20. Follow the #21 terminal and it goes straight to ground.
i got some help on the GTi-R owners club forum...said exactly what you said lol

thanks for the help though, its all wired up :D
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