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somebody really needs to help me

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Ok, I'm new to this forum as well as the SR realm. I got my swap in my 92 240sx but it runs worse than my KA did. I had a shop put it in and they cant fix it so I decided to try myself. Im probably going to send it back but anyways, the bogging on this car is horrible, it idles at 1800 and sometimes 2200. The turbocharger is making a clacking a kinda " tick tick tick tick tick tick tick." and today, when I took her out for a calm drive I came back and the ticking from the turbo(im pretty sure its the turbo, i put my ear right over the manifold) got even worse. It does about 5 clicks every second continuously and the exhaust pressure coming out at the tail end just feels like way too much. I've never felt that much pressure coming out of an exhaust muchless my exhaust. It also has a burnt smell. I can't pin point what exactly it smells like, but it doesnt smell like the typical exhaust gases. I've checked injectors to see if thier stuck open, MAF, grounds, Vaccum leaks, Coil-packs, changed spark plugs. Im planning on replacing the O2 sensor as soon as i get those friggin ninety bucks. Please someone help me. I've had this dream of an engine for a nightmarishly long 3 months.
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Have you done a compression check on the motor? It sounds like you got ripped off. Where in Texas are you and what is the name of the shop? You might be better off checking out and
Im in Laredo but got it done at Top Notch Performance in San Antonio. :S. The compression is fine, or so they say. They said that it was tested twice. If I get a compression test done, what is the norm on the sr?
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