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So, for a little while now I've wanted to be able to tell read my oil pressure and temp, and maybe coolant temp and underhood air temp, but I don't want to buy a bunch of expensive guages and mount them all over the interior (its just my preference not to).

Here is what I'm thinking of doing: installing all the necessary electrical sending units (oil pressure and temp) maybe a couple of general temp sensors and a tap off the O2 sensor (or an egt probe). Then running all the wires to a box hidden under the dash somewhere, which takes these readings and continuously sends them wirelessly to a somewhat small handheld unit with a little screen that has these readings constantly display.

You would probably only be able to see a couple readings at a time, but could scroll through them to see them all. Since its wireless, you can take it out of your car, especially if you are working on it or something. There probably would be a range of 50-100 feet on the handheld display. My original idea called for this to be permanently mounted below the heater controls, which would work quite well too.

I imagine all these reading would be of more use to turbo guys (my car is pretty much stock), but I think it would be good to have them anyway. Esp. the oil pressure.

Anyway, I was curious as to what everyone here thought of something like this? If I do put it together, I will post a website that has all the plans to build something like this. But it could be a little while before I have something completed, as I have a regular full time job already. :)

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