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Hey everyone... This is sorta urgent so I sent it out to all the lists I'm subscribed to. I need opinions/advice to see if it would be alright to run an ACT HD PP with the ACT street disk on a turbo SE-R. The turbo set-up is basically an F-Max Stage II with the .63 A/R T3/T04E. The wastegate spring is set at 9.7 psi and this is what I'll be running on the street. The highest boost the car will probably ever see will be 16-17 psi (if that). Does everyone (that has experience with ACT clutches) think that the HD setup (street disk) will hold that boost? Jay H., weren't you running this? Any opinions or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!! TIA!!!

'98 Super Black SE w/stuff

well, if you want a hardcore clutch that will take anything you give it, get the 4 puck. the only thing you will have to be worried about is to not crack your tranny wide open, like uuuh, my friend, not me!
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