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Spark plug change, this look ok???

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Ok, I changed my oil, filter, and plugs last Saturday, and I'm just curious if these look right. Motor has been in for about a month.

1 month ago - stock U12 ecu - no o2 sensor...ran pig rich and bogged if throttle was depressed too quickly.
3 weeks ago - stock U12 ecu - 300zx o2 more rich condition for the most part, still had the bog issue.
2 weeks ago - JWT ECU - 300zx o2 rich conditions, no more bogging issue.
1 week ago - Changed plugs, oil (Mobil 1 full synthetic), oem Nissan oil filter.

I'm concerned about the slight pink discoloration and the black deposits at the end of the threads... might be normal for the conditions it experienced, just want to be sure, lemme know what you all think.

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thats exactly what i did man.. in the same steps. looks good. the tip should have a greyish color which is normal. and the threads should be a little black
Right on, I feel better now! :cool:


You can't really read a spark plug that has been through so many stages. I have been told to pull off the highway and change my plugs right then and there. Jump on the highway at WOT for about a 1/4 mile then shut the car off and coast to a stop with the clutch in. THen check the plugs immediately. Then you can read the plug to see whats happening at WOT. Your supposed to check down in the plug itself with a bread bag tie or something. I'll try to find the article on how to read whats what.
Yeah, if you can find that, that'd be cool, I've got some open highway driving to do this weekend. I found some articles on the net about reading spark plugs, but they didn't say when to read them or what steps to take.

-Travis G.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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