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Hello Everyone-

All of the recent talk of plugs has got me thinking about what actual
plugs would be the best possible solution to recent ignition problems I have
had at higher boost levels. ie: 19-20 psi

I am currently running NGK Copper BKR7E 's gapped @ .020". These have
work a hell of a lot better than both the NGK VX Platinum BKR7EVX-11's that
I have ran and the PFR7B-11 at higher boost levels.

Now I know Mike K. loves the NGK Platinums (PFR7B-11) gapped really
tight @ .020", correct????
Now are these the exact plugs that both Ben B., Ryan B., & Shaggy are
running? I know both Ben & Shaggy are both running MSD 7AL ignitions; so has
Ryan had any problems running the MSD 6A past 20 psi? The only concern I
have with the 7AL is the fact that it is not made for daily driven cars and
car burn up coils with extended use. Shaggy, have you had any problems with
your 7AL on the street?

I have tried the NGK PFR7B-11's gapped @ .020" and the car would start
to sputter past 14 psi. This was also with the MSD 6A. I am still running
the stock external coil. I know Ben is running an external; what about
Shaggy? I tried the MSD Blaster SS coil and it sucked! Does this mean that
the Blaster 2 or 3 coil would be just as bad? Supposedly the Blaster SS coil
can produce up to 48000 volts whereas the Blaster 2 & 3 only produce 45000

Now, I know the GTiR guys in the UK are running several different types
of plugs.

They run these 3 types according to weather conditions:

Hot weather: PFR8B-9
Mild weather: PFR7B-9
Cold weatehr: PFR6B-9

Now I know these guys aren't running as close of a gap as we are;
possibley .030" - .025". I think these plugs are gapped from the factory @
.032" .

I am not too sure if Jay Hassinger has had problems with his MSD DIS
ignition! (Jay - Feel free to respond!) I know Jay has been able to run
20-23 psi with the stock internal coil. I believe Jay is running the BKR7E's

Another point that must be accounted for is heat. I live in AZ where it
is 110+ degrees. The air is hot and dry; horrible for turbocharged cars!!!!

Mike, What about Iridium plugs? Have they been tested on our cars? Is the
performance gain too low that it is more cost effective to stay with

I guess the only possible solutions are:

1. Try the PFR8B-9's gapped @ .020"
2. Try the MSD Blaster 3 coil
3. Try the MSD Blaster SS coil again
4. Swap the MAD 6A out for an MSD 7AL

Sorry for the long post, but I feel some clarification of parts and actual
experiences with these items are need to be archived!


Louis Anaya 1992 Sentra SE-R
349.6 hp & 301.4 ft/lb @ 19 psi, 13.6 @ 111 mph(Street Tires),12.0 @ 118.77 mph(Slicks), Bluebird SR20DET w/ GTiR Pistons,T3/T04E,Deltagate Wastegate (7-9 PSI) FMAX Manifold, RevHard FMIC, JWT S3 Cams, JWT Ported & Polished Head, 1996 200SX SE-R Welded & Cyro Treated Tranny, ACT Xtreme P/PL & 6 Puck Disc, Cobra MAF, JWT ECU w/ 4 Bar Fuel Program, MSD 50lb/hr Injectors, JWT Fuel Rail, 300ZXTT Fuel Pump, AeroMotive Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator, Greddy Type "R" BOV, Greddy Profec B, Greddy Boost & EGT Guages, UR 4 Pulley Kit, Powerslot Rotors, Axxis MM Brake Pads, ES Motor Mounts, Topspeed Short Shifter, Momo Cobra Shift Knob, KYB AGX Struts, GC Coilovers (350F/600R)& 17x7 White Tenzo Shu-4's w/ Sumitomo 205/40/ZR17 Tires (Street), 13x7.5 White Lenso VPD's w/ Mickey Thompson 24.5x8x13 Slicks(Drag)

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Just a quick answer

I tried the HKS iridium plugs a little while back, no obvious power gain (though many people swear to me that they help) but they were better at holding off detonation. In the end I went back to the NGK coppers heat range 7 and have them gapped to .025, the platinums gave no extra advantage and I didn't feel like spending the money for no good reason.

Not on fire... yet
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yeah, I run the BRK7E's gapped at .025

Louis, Which wires and coil are you running?

93 NX2K
some stuff and a DET
"project street mod?"
1988 BMW M3 w/ a few toys
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