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Just want to get some opinions. I know that you cant beat the factory type
NGK plugs. just wondering which one to go with. Car has all the usual bolt
on goodies plus JUN cams and I am running factory compression. Cars is
always driven at the upper limit of the rpm band. Mainly a lot of road
racing with the car. Always use 93 octane gas or better. Should I go with
the stock heat range or a range colder/hotter. just want to get some
opinions. THANKX!!!! (too bad JUN doesn't make spark plugs:))

1991 SE-R (too many goodies to list)
Craig "JUN Auto" Damaschi


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go one heat range colder imho. Nissan part # 22401-1p1s6vw?

98 se-r w/ p/r cai,jwt s3 cams, stillen header, courtesy exhaust, ur pullies, JUN flywheel, ACT clutch, NOS nitrous kit, eibach springs, kyb struts, st sways, cusco camber plates, f/r strut braces,stillen lower control arm brace, lotsa bushings, and a bunch of other crap

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Those are the non plat plugs used on the DET correct? If so they are the ones Jay recommended for me for use with a 50 shot.

Ryan 97 Black SER
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