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I was wondering if anyone has run into my problems:

1.My speedo hasn't worked in about 6 months. After I got a pulled over the other day for 53 in a 25, I decided it would be in my best interest to fix it. My old speedo cable had snapped right where it enters the transmission. I installed a new one, and for 40 miles, I knew what speed I was going. I figured I didn't tighten the new one down properly. I checked it out yesterday, and the new cable had snapped in the same exact place. Is there something in the tranny I need to replace to stop eating speedo cables?

2. I went out to my car the other night to warm it up before I left work. (it was snowing) My wipers were on when I turned on the car, and with the weight of the snow, the wipers went up 5 inches, I heard a snap, and they stopped working. I instantly brought the car into the shop(i work at a car dealer) and attempted to fix my problem. I opened up the cover for the wipers and found the wiper rod(is that the correct term?) had popped off where it connects to the wiper assembly. I popped the arm back on,and the wipers worked that night, but broke the next day. Last night I went at it to have working wipers. I would pop it back on, but as soon as the wipers went on high speed, it would pop off. Its a white plastic bushing that pops on a round metal bolt. It looks identically fixed the same way on the other end of the rod to the wiper motor, but I could not get that off to see if there is a clip missing I might need. I live 15 min from work, and its all backroads, so when it rains, i use alot of rain-ex and drive a little slower, but i really need to fix this.

-any help would be greatly appriciated

-bringing driving blind to a new level

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