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Sport Compact National Autocross Club

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There is a new club forming in So Cal and hoping to spread across the nation!
Sport Compact National Autocross Club

We need your help and your participation.

The plan is to have a club that earns money by sponsoring events and then re-investing the money in tools, software, and ultimately a clubhouse and garage for each region! This way there would always be a place for get togethers and working on each others cars for the greater good of the club.
Here in So Cal a club can make some decent dough if they sponsor an event. And often times there are no takers, so you could do several events a year through the SCCA and perhaps a few non-SCCA related ones to make money. I figure if this is the way it is around the country we get this accomplished because there is a way to earn the money needed. I'm looking for volunteers around the country to help create a club charter and be representatives for the other geographic regions of the US. Plus any ideas on how the club should look and do. Hopefully you can see beyond the hard work starting something like this and envision the rewards possible. But it will take a grass roots effort and the participation of a lot of members.

Sign up and respond at our Yahoo Groups Site

Working on a Main Web Site hope to have it up soon (with a link to SR20DEforum).

Please send this to all your friends who might be interested.

Art Rinner
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So I'm not going to get any volunteers.
But I was hoping for a few suggestions and comments on the idea. I know that this can work and we'll just see how it goes here in SoCal in 2002. We already have about 8 solid members here and with over 30 total members on the list we have a good start. I understand that not everyone who loves to autocross can put in a lot of their time and members who can help only some of the time are welcome also. And the 8 is all we need to sponsor an event. BTW several are SERCA and SR20DEforum members. We should net about 1-2k which would give us a nice treasury to start with. And if we invest our money wisely in tools and autocross timing equipment we could start hosting some on our own and maybe make enough to pay for a small idustrial space to have a clubhouse/garage. Maybe not this year but next year would not be out of the question. If you live in SoCal and would like to help and be part of this sign up on our Yahoo site. We will soon be setting up an exploratory committe to set the basic ground rules. Our first event is in April and we should take off from there. Hope to hear from some of you.

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Southern California is much more fertile ground for a large scale effort. As I understand it, autoX events out there are mammoth, and finding sites isn't a problem.

SoCal is SERCA's largest reason, and it can draw a crowd in anything it does. If the smaller SERCA regions are any indication, such a club would be hard going in the doughy middle of the country. Some of the SCCA regions are having trouble enough keeping their Solo II programs going.

I'd like such a grand scheme to flourish and proliferate, but a lot of us would have no choice but to stand back and watch would you do.
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