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i am really mad with my car right now. heres the deal. it squeaks when i turn the wheel. my buddy said he thought it was bad bushings...sad right?
also, i did a transmission fluid change a couple weeks ago...shifted really its starting to get hard to put it into gear...any ideas?
i really want to keep this planning to do a sr20ve swap next id like to get all the crap out of the way.

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My shiet is sqeeking right now on both sides, it starts off when you turn then it gets bad and it sqeeks constantly...the reason for could be your wheel bearings...thats definitely my prob. For your tranny check if your leaking and add, or adjust your cable other than that it might be your pressure plate getting weak, when my shiet get beat on it wont go into gear it has to cool down, thats my concesus but i could be wrong.
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