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97 SE-R, with AGX's, prokits, and a courtesy front stb. Coming from the front driverside suspension area. Not sure if it's the AGX, or some sort of worn away bushing causing this noise. It comes an goes. Started as a small chirp and graduated into something a little more louder and obnoxious.

Car won't make noise if i push down on the driver's side front fender so i don't think it's the shock. Maybe a bushing that's worn away and is causing metal on metal contact?

I'll take a look tomorrow, but if anyone's had this experience and knows what i should look for... lemme know...

oh and if you're wondering why i didn't post this to the list... i subscribed under a new screen name and i can't post on it for like 2 weeks i guess...

97 SE-R
[email protected]

I think that the problems may not be related, but my '96 G20 has a similar problem. When the temperature is cool (under 60 F) the rear anti-roll bar squeaks over bumps for the first couple of miles of my journey.
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