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sr16 trany question

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i bought a sr16ve motor it came with the trany my question is the trany doesn't have the axels and was wondering if the sr20de axels worked with it?
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Yes they will work.
You wanna sell it? SR20 axles will work. The gear ratio's are very close. I'll trade you a 2.0 crank, rods and pistons plus $ for it. One question, is it cable or hydraulic clutch (does it have the clutch arm like an SR20 trans)? PM me if you do, I want one for my track car.
actualy i need it sience my car is a 1.6 that im converting but how much do you want for the crank rods and pistons?? and what conditions are they in??
yes i works, i used the DE axels....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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