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Well, I'm looking for some info on the possibilities for a fit in my B15. I'm from Mtl, and I would like to have some answers:
I know, search functions will be faster, but I want fast answers from you guys!

Here are the questions:

1. Is it possible to Put this engine on a B15 engine bay?
2. Did he change the whole tranny (I'm talking about the manual)? I've read some bad stories about clutch problems, synchronizers etc)
3. Do you have to change the complete exhaust line?
4. Do I need to keep the cat and everything else (O2..)?
5. Do I have to buy extra CPU and electronics?
5. Did the car runs well and is reliable (sort of as a daily commuter)nad even in winter? (really bad and long and cold here in Montreal).


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Well, I'm not extremely familiar with the B15, but I'll try...

1) I don't see why not, but why would you want to when you could just bolt the turbo stuff up to that motor like Mike did.

2) Who is "he"? Tranny swaps can a PITAs, but worth it. I'm not sure what problems you're refering to, I've never heard of any tranny failures from a simple swap...

3) No, you can use your current exhaust (you have to have a downpipe made from the turbo to the cat), but for turbo, 3" is the best to go to.

4) Again, no, you don't need to keep everything, but it's recommended.

5) Yes. I know some people will disagree, but I say JWT is your best bet.

6) Hmm, not sure on that one since I live in HELL (AKA: Arizona)!!

Hope this helps....

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Who is Mike, and where can I get the details on his installation?

The HE, was a typo mistake. I've red an article on the SCC magazine about the tranny problem with that 200SER... It is freaking..

Problem with our engine is the ECU (mine is a SE 2001), and there is no **** available such as turbo or ECU that will fit.
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yeah, I know the car since I'm on the forum.

But it is still a pain in the neck to get tuner down here in Canada, specially in Quebec in the Montreal city.

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by guy_geo:
Who is Mike</font>
I'm Mike! I also drive a 98 Sentra SE B14 witch is a bit diffrent than a B15. Here is the deal:

My *guess*(I'm only guessing here!) is you would need the following,


A ECU *and* wiring harness from either a 91-94 SE-R or 95-97 200sx SER programed by JWT.

A custom down pipe to the catilitic converter.

A good clutch.

The tranny should bolt up to the B15 tranny but don't take my word for it! If you do this you will be inovative and tell us weither it works or not!

Againg I don't think this has been done so it is not for the mechanicaly enept. I'll give you some examples here: The top wount IC might not fit under your hood (so you'll have to make piping to put it in the front bumper). The oil pan might not clear the X member(so you'll have to modify that). The tranny might not bolt up to the motor(so you'll have to get a b14 tranny)The b15 ECU might be tied into other electronic things in the car besids the motor(so you'll have to do a bunch of crazy cutting and splicing..Yikes!)

All I can say to you is good luck and take your time.

Here is a link to my page with my DET install.


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ok,ca s'appelle ADVANCE EFI PERFORMANCE INC. Ils ont construient la voiture "import" la plus vite au québec(Mazda precidia qui fait 10.5 sur le 1/4 de mile) Voici l'adresse :
1255 Labadie Longueuil,Québec,Canada J4N 1E2 Tel (450) 674-5750,essaye de parler a Steve Dauray,c'est le président
bonne chance!
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