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A few weeks ago I moved into my first house. With it, my first garage. Well, the first garage that's all mine. I have been unable to determine when it was built, but by looking at the some of the fixtures and wiring it's definitely a good 40-plus years old. I may try and find out at the town hall, but until then I can only guess. Based on its condition when I moved in and speaking with neighbors, this garage has never been used for anything other than storage and the occasional project.

This garage is going to get a makeover. Over time, I am going to upgrade and improve it top-to-bottom. I decided to make a thread about this so people can see some of the things I do and maybe learn something or get ideas for their own garage.

The garage is full of old-ness. It has a broken Genie garage door opener which is about 25 years old, and you can see the ancient light socket and wiring. That bulb was the only light in the garage until I rigged up some flourescent fixtures (more on this later). You can see the old wiring with the socket as well as the main light switch. Fortunately, other than the switch and light socket, the wiring to the outlets (including a 220 socket in the back) is relatively new. One problem is that only one of the outlets can push the power needed to run my compressor. Another problem is that the garage power runs off a 20+20amp circuit from the main house circuit breaker. The breakdown is a 20 amp fuse to the lights and outlets, and another 20 amp fuse just for the 220 plug.

Since my neighbor is an electrician, I will be working with him to address the electrical issues.

This is what the garage looks like right now (I'll get a better pic soon):

I'm still trying to figure out the arrangement of things. Organization is ongoing as I am sorting all my tools and things that got scattered during the move. I am not going to customize too much just yet, though.

Here is a basic list of what I intend to do, in no real order:

- Rehab electrical. Rewire and add outlets and switches. Still waiting to consult and work with my neighbor on the specifics.
- Insulate/drywall. This is what will turn it into a real building. I need to determine whether or not the rafters will be left open, get the pros and cons.
- Lighting. Finalize lighting layout. This will be based on where the ceiling ends up.
- Ventilation/heating/cooling. A ventless propane unit will probably be used for heat, an exhaust fan will be cut into the top of the wall, and/or to really get freaky- possibly install a wall AC unit somewhere.
- Garage door opener(s). I need to remove the old one, and install one or two new ones. I'm leaning towards only one being powered, since I only plan on using the garage for a single car on a regular basis (my B13).
- Shelving/cabinets. I need to extend my workbench. I will build this myself. I also need to figure out some good shelving and a few cabinets. I also want a pegboard somewhere.
- Floor. Right now, it's tar. This is the one aspect about my garage that makes me sad. Removing it and replacing it with concrete looks to be very expensive. I haven't factored out Race Deck or some other modular flooring setup. This is not a priority right now, which is why it's last on my list.

Feedback, ideas, discussion, and anything else is welcome. I will update this periodically as I get things done. :biggthump
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