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Here in the UK nobody really tunes the SR20 apart from intake kits and exhausts. I would like to tune my stock 150bhp to 200bhp. Can it been done, staying NA ? What bits will I need ? Who are the best companys to buy from. I intend to buy from the US. Any advice is gratfully recieved.

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yes it's possible but it'll cost about 1000 or more dollars in bolt ons. check stillen. com or Jim Wolf technology Jim wolf thereis also hot shot company but I don't know their web address. your talking about 70 or more horsepower at the crank which translates to 50 or more at the wheels! hope this helps.

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Thats pretty tough. You'd be aiming for 170 at the wheels. Normal bolt-ons can only get you up to 155 whp. Stepping up to some JWT competition series cams (still in development) can probably get you to 165whp, but thats a guess right now. Those are supposed to have a really poor idle and aren't really meant for street driving and need a new computer program from JWT. Then you'll need to go higher compression. Then there is always headwork...

Does your engine already have 10:1 compression??

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Rob Cadle just layed down 168whp with Jim Wolf C2 cams, valve springs, stock mid pipe, Hotshot rear muffler section, last gen Hotshot header (New unit worth a few ponies) Hotshot cold air intake, Wolf timing gears with the exhaust cam retarded 2.5*, and a stock ECU. The car has at least another 10hp in it with pullies, ECU tuning, 3g Hotshot header, and less restrictive exhaust.

Not bad eh? That's 200+hp at the crank.

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I believe he already has the 10:1 Primera motor, not the lowly 140 hp version us underprivelaged american get. Are you looking at 200 whp or at the crank?

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nismo 10:1 and extrude honed heads &intake man. match ported . also nismo piston rings.
also wild cams 248 dg.

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Here is a recent post by Rob about the C2 & C3 cams:
My motor is internally stock, with prototype JWT C-series
cams and valve
springs. With the stock cams, UR underdrive pullies, *Gen
2* (smaller
diameter primaries = less high end hp) Hotshot header,
straight-through muffler, stock mid pipe, Hotshot CAI, and
*stock* ECU, my
'91 car made 120 hp at the wheels at 7500 RPM. It made 134
peak hp at about
6400 RPM.

With the JWT C3 intake and C3 exhaust cam, and all other
mods the same
(including ECU programming), the car now makes 168 hp at
the wheels at 7500

That's a gain of 48 wheel hp at 7500 RPM, just from cams
and valve springs.
The ECU programming isn't optimized for the JWT cams yet.
I think we'll get
another 2-3 hp from the cams with more optimization on the
programming. I
also think that I would make another 2-3 hp with the Gen 3
Hotshot header.

So, I think that a 50+ hp gain in the upper part of the rev
range is
possible with these cams.

The C-3 exhaust cam lopes very heavily and costs a lot of
power below 3500
RPM. It actually makes more peak torque (at 4500 RPM) than
the stock cams.
For daily driver street use, I would recommend the C3/C2
cam combo. This
looses about 8 hp relative to the C3/C3 combo, but has much
better idle. I
run the C3/C3 combo on my car because it's not my daily
driver and I don't
care about refinement.

The C-series cams aren't available yet, but they will be
some time
relatively soon. I'd say upgrade to the Gen 3 Hotshot
header, get the
pullies, get a good muffler, add an intake, then get the
cams, springs, and


Sounds good, no?
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