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I'm preparing to perform some mods to the head on my 98' sr20de, ....Big Comp Cams (w/springs / retainers) JWT cam gears...etc.... and was also considering porting / polishing work to complement the hardware.

In searching the forum on this, a couple of things were brought out.... the $$$'s spent on the porting/polishing may not be worth the gain.

So the question here ... is it worth it, when done while adding the bigger cams... or do these heads already flow well enough that its not realy needed.

2nd thought I had .... is the head on my 98' SER, the most optimal one to use for a build up, or is there another year/casting that I should consider instead...

Any input/advice would be appreciated....Thanx:cool:

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In my racecar we gained about 10 wheel horsepower by going from a stock head to a ported head w/ 3 angle valve job. I wouldn't recommend it though, if you are intent on pulling the head, might as well replace it with a VE head. For the price of a good port and polish you can get a VE head that will outflow the ported DE head, plus has better camshafts to boot, and does a much better job of reliably revving high.
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