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Hey Team,

I have SR20DE+t in a jetboat.
It is raw water cooled and it was overheating on and off.
After some testing it is clear the cold water is messing with the thermostat. It must be opening and closing like it is confused.
I ran it without the thermostat and using ball valves to govern water flow. Worked a treat.

Thats the back story. So problem solved.
I want to run it with a thermostat rather than use the valves to govern flow and decided the best bet it to have thermostat at outlet of engine rather than the traditional inlet of a closed circuit cooling system.

Now the question:
Can you get an outlet thermostat housing that fits a genuine Nissan Thermostat?
I can get an in-line option but that means getting a thermostat to suit the part and thermo not built for SR20.

Is there such a thing or am I going to have to get an inline housing and get a Chev (or similar) thermostat or something that suits those housings out there.
This is the best I can find but it wont fit a Nissan Thermostat Im picking.

Camera Camera lens Camera accessory Digital camera Lens

Many thanks in advance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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