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Hey everyone new member here.

Looking to solve a problem and ive searched and serched. It looks like a few guys have a similar problem but no solution has ever been discussed.

Its a s15 sr20de that has the t28 bolted to the side of it.
Now the motor cranks but doesn't run. Its got spark and will run briefly when some carby cleaner is sprayed into a vacuum line.
Ive checked injector pulse with a noid light and its pulsing. Ive checked the resistance of all injectors and they are all sitting around the 11.3 ohm range.
The fuel pump is priming and receiving 40psi at the pressure regulator and the lines are on the correct way.
Ive pulled the plugs and they are dry. Im assuming the injectors arnt firing despite pulse and fuel pressure
Anyone got any idea on what i might be missing here.
Thanks in advance
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