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Hi there.
Altough my VR6 Turbo is almost finished, I will start a new project. Yesterday I bought a SR20DE FWD P11 from a Nissan Primera.
I want to put a turbo on it and have some questions. How much Hp are possible on stock rods from the sr20de fwd?
I already know that i have to change the pistons to reduce compression and add oil jets from the sr20det.
Transmission should be one of a bmw 5 speed with an adapter plate. Which gearbox of the bmw is "the smallest"? S5D 250g?
Turbo will be an TB58 billet stage 2 with internal wastegate. Hp goal is around ~350hp, i think that is enough for the car. ?
Exhaust and intake manifold are not planned yet, because i dont know how much space i will have in the Golf

The whole package should be transplanted in a VW Golf MK2 Syncro (RWD)

The costs doesnt matter. The VR6 Turbo was not cheap at all :ROFLMAO:

Greets from Austria ;)
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