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Hi all , I recently had my car dynoed it’s a MGB with a S13 SR20det.

Stock motor

740 nizmos





I didn’t have a catch can so the tuner didn’t want to up the boost as at over 11psi it was getting some blow by and venting out the rocker cover t piece hole straight towards the turbo. So he left it on 11psi and advised me to get a catch can setup then come back for more boost .

I’m in the process of getting all the parts to install a catch can now.

My question is: is this blow by standard and ok or is my motor a bit tired

It looked to be just puff of blackish smoke there was no oil residue and I have driven it hard on the street and there is no sign or oil coming out and obviously can’t see it on the street to know if it is still happening except for the fact that their is no mess in the engine bay or under bonnet.

Thanks steve

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