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Question for blacktop sr owners (Completely stock top/bottom, stock ECU, topmount turbo, no recirc valve/bov)

I'm having issues getting the idle perfect on deceleration. It bogs out coming to a complete clutch in stop. (It will also bog out catching itself with a small 2k rev just sitting there which leads me to believe it's not the lack of recirc valve on stock ecu causing it.)

Starts up completely fine, drives fine, pulls fine, AFR running stable at 12.5:1 WOT, Fuel pressure is at 42psi with vaccum. It has brand new fuel pump, fuel pump tophat seal, FPR, o2 Sensor & the TPS set to .45

My next thought was faulty IACV or Coolant temp sensor?
Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!
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