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What i want to know is, can you purchase the swap without paticular pieces that would normally come with it?

For example, lets say you were swapping the engine into your car, but you already had an intercooler, ECU, and maybe even the turbo. Could you order everything else minus these parts or do the swaps usually only come as a whole deal? I just think its silly to pay for parts that you're going to be replacing as soon as you get it, such as the intercooler, the ecu and the turbo. Thanks for any help..

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Normally you pay for the engine and you get the engine and everything on it, such as the turbo. Some places will give you an ECU also, some places won't. In any case, it's not usually the sort of thing where you can specify what you do and don't want on it... it's more like either you buy it or somebody else does.
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