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Hi Guys,

A bit of a newcomer to your site and the SR20 culture. I am from South Africa, and have become the owner of a Nissan Sentra 200STi, which has the SR20DNE engine, the previous model, as i have seen on the website had the SR20DE engine. my questions to you the educated guys out there, what is the difference, has anyone heard of these engines. they are non turbo, stock they push out 105kW, and 178Nm of torque. well i must say that the car does go quite nicely, but hey there is always a need for better pullaway. i will be posting photos, as soon as i am able to get some sorted out, i have noticed that from my surfing, there arent any sentras in this shape out there on the web...

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SR20DNE? Anybody heard of this?? Please enlighten me...
Never heard of an SR20DNE. Probably misinformation.
It's the engine for newbies. :) Just kidding.
its a variation of the sr20, like the SR20Di, I cant remember what the N is for though but its not mis info.

Looks like another 10:1 motor...


Ahhh good to know...
I don't see any SR20DNE on that site, Chris.
Farthest to the right is the Sentra 200STi which has a SR20NE in it..

*EDIT* it says SR20de , but apparently the SR20NE comes in that car, maybe it was a misprint, I dunno... I give up...

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