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Selling XTD stage 3 clutch (-- NEVER USED-- ) (--BRAND NEW---)for :squint: $100 dollars yes $100 Shipped. This clutch was originally for my "turbo 200sx se-r" (new owner now :( ) was sold and now have no use for this. It comes with a heavy-duty Xtd pressure plate,Installation guide, six puck "miba" copper ceramic sprung clutch,throw out bearing, and centering tool. Clutch was never used still in original box. This clutch is for racing but is pritty streetable. Exellent for N/a cars. This clutch holds up to 280 hp, 268 ft lbs of torque, and only has 25% more pressure than stock clutch.This clutch fits any Sr20 motors in infinity G20's, 200sx se-r's ,and sentra ser (91-94)Buy here and save $70 PM ME FOR FASTEST DELIVERY!!! :biggthump
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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