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stalling out

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ok guy's..
my se-r wants to or stalls out when:I start it,came to a quick stop,and even just rev..I've changed spark plugs,filters,O2 sensor...even installed a rich/lean gauge to see if it was running to rich/lean...could it be because it is a primera motor..HELP PLS?
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I am having the same problem

1993 SE-R Highport
checked TPS
new O2 Sensor
JDM motor swap
advanced timing
nizzan4u2nv said:
Adjust throttle cables, timing, and check TPS.
checked the TPS

my timing, now thats where it gets weird, when you check the timing using a timing light it looks as if the timing is 20+, and by 20+ way over the 20 mark

but there is no way that is possible with out massive deto, right???

also my ECU still reads a bad temp sensor(just replaced it), so that could have something to do with it too
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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