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I bought a Stanza to tool around for a few weeks while I dropped a new engine in the SE-R(normal beater). Anyway if anyone needs a cheap car for daily driving or pizza driving this is a pretty good deal. I bought the car 3 weeks ago from a guy moving abroad, he wanted $1200, so I called him up and said if it was a solid runner I would give him 500 cash that day. I picked if up for 650. All I want is to get back what I picked it up for and pass the deal along to another Nissan fanatic.
87' Nissan Stanza 167,000 miles, less than 1 year old( alternator, starter) replaced axles, brand new Bridgestone tires, solid clutch, tranny, and engine.
The car past emmissions last month but would not pass safety, will soon need new muffler, needs wheel bearings also, If you do the work yourself 300 dollars would have this car in excellent shape. The exterior is pewter and has some shotty body work on various parts of the car. The body is straight and from a distance looks like an 87 stanza, it doesnt look like ass but also isn't winning any awards. The interior is perfect and I mean that from the cloth seats to the headliner everything looks excellent. 80's style triple din radio in good working shape, im not sure about the tape deck, all of the speakers sound fine with that awesome 80's trebile.
Priced to sell 650 firm
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