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Started Engine Swap!!!!!!!

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At 9:00 a.m. this morning i started on my de to de swap. My friend and I got pretty far by 7:00 p.m. We only ran into one problem: after we dropped the engine in, we found out that the left mount thats on the engine is different from the old engine that was in there. But theres only like 3 bolts that old the mount on the engine, so I'm going to do that early tomorrow morning before I have to go to work. I'd say the swap isnt that hard, being this is my 1st swap, I think things went pretty well. I think the most time consuming part was taking my racing pulleys,alternator,header,clutch,starter,transmission, and other basic parts off my old engine onto the new one. We had no air tools or anything, just a nice big cheater bar :tongue: I wish we would have started a little earlier though because the only reason we couldnt finish was because it was pitch black outside and we only had like one flood light. I will have pics up soon, so I will keep everyone posted!
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You don't need the sun, I did the swap in blacknx2k's car by moonlight and floodlight over the course of 2 nights. :) Of course, it helps that I know where everything goes!

Best of luck with your swap! Post some pics if you got 'em.
Good job Thomas, get that SE-R rollin again!
i had to work today so i couldnt get back to work on it, everything is mounted, all i need to do is connect all the hoses, wires, and harness, then put the halfshafts back in. Hopefully tomorrow I will be back working on it after school so i can go to Bithlo on Fri. ;)
man that takes alot of balls to start something unfamiliar......i guess you gotta start somewhere....
well i can say that i was totally unfamilar with what i was doing for a car engine, ive only worked on single piston engines before, lol, like go karts and dirtbikes. but i think everything is going well, i dont think i can work on it again either today, but i will probably have it finished on tuesday. ill keep everyone up to date on whats going on. later
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